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08 Mar

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Holi 2011

Holi is celebrated on 20th March 2011, with gaiety and verve on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun which is the English month of March. It is celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm by the people of Vedic religion. The zest of the people will be in its peak during Holi. The nature also accompanies the fiesta with full bounty at the time of Holi.

Fields will be filled with crops which are ready to harvest and flowers color the atmosphere and the air will be filled with fragrance. Holi is known as the festival of colors. It is also called the spring festival as it marks the arrival of spring season.

People enjoy liberty and differences of any sort are drowned in the colored waters of Holi. To add to the festive spirit of Holi celebrations, people drink the traditional of bhang. Then there is full craziness as people dance to the rhythm of dholak and sing traditional folk songs in loud voice.

People use pichkaris, water guns to drench the person from far. In some states there is also a tradition of breaking the pot full of buttermilk which is hung high on the streets. A group of boys form a human pyramid and one of them break the pot. All this while womenfolk throw buckets of color water on them and sing folk songs. People have an eventful day and exchange sweets and hug each other conveying the warm wishes for Holi.

Ideology of Holi

One of the ideologies associated with Holi festival is the story about the burning of Holika. The demon-king Hiranyakashipu, ordered his sister Holika, to take his son, Prahlad on her lap and enter into a blazing fire; after he failed in his entire attempt to kill his own son who was not ready to chant Hiranyakashipu’s name instead of Lord Narayana. Holika had a boon to remain unburned even inside the blazing fire. However, Holika’s boon was ineffective this time and Prahlad, the Lord Narayana’s devotee escaped.

The spirit of Holi heartens the feeling of brotherhood. Even the enemies turn friends on this day. People of all communities and religions take part in this colorful festival and strengthen the secularism of the nation.

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