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19 Mar


The advancement in technology in the field of medicine has increased the longevity of people. However, the rate of lifestyle diseases and epidemics has also increased. Being aware of the health conditions can help you to live long. The key is to know preventive methods which will help you to answer your questions on how to live long.

Some of the secrets on how to live long are explained below:

  • Avoid Smoking, Smoking is dangerous and it might lead to premature death.
  • Protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays; at the same time have a little exposure to sunlight to get Vitamin D which is necessary for health.
  • Drinking lot of water will protect you from minor health problems and will wash out the impurities from your body.
  • Consuming antioxidants is very healthy. It can be obtained from the routine diet. It is proved that taking a cup of green tea five times a day will decrease the possibility of cancer.
  • Dark chocolates will benefit your body from many health diseases and will benefit the functioning of arteries.
  • Using Red wine is a good old method of staying healthy and to live long. Red wine, would be the answer if you ask “How to live long” to Jeanne Calment, who is the oldest woman lived in the world. Red wine is rich in polyphenols, it maintains the elasticity of walls of arteries. It slows down the process of aging.
  • Reduce stress by doing meditation or Yoga. Regular exercise will unfold the secrets of how to live long.
  • Understand that health is wealth. Pay attention to undergo regular health check up. Maintaining good oral health is also important; it will prevent the swelling of arteries.
  • Education is proved to be a great method to prevent aging. More exposure to academics is believed to slow down the aging and will help you to live long.
  • Use your mind and be thoughtful. Exploring the creative side of your brain and making use of your mind will bless you with longevity.

Maintaining a frugal food intake and keeping your body and mind active will benefit you to live long. Use your brain and plan a fasting routine for at least twice in a month. Take life positively and devote yourself to God. Offering special rituals will have special divine advantages. One of the most trusted rituals performed for longevity is Mrithyunjaya Homam.

Mrithyunjaya Homam is one of the auspicious rituals performed to obtain good health and postponing the death (Mrithyu: death). This powerful Homam safeguards you from all obstacles and ensures your longevity. It plants the seeds of positivity and courage in you. It will act as a cure to all incurable illnesses.

Mrithyunjaya Homam is performed to Lord Shiva. The ritual involves the chanting of 21 mantras, and each of these mantras energizes you with strength and will power. After the chanting of mantras, Darba Grass and an herb called Amrita are put into the sacrificial fire. It is an ideal Homam to be performed on your birthday to gain longevity!

Perform Mrithyunjaya Homam to live long and to attain longevity!

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