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28 Mar

Gemini – Monthly predictions for April 2011

Gemini Monthly Horoscopes

General Overview:

This will be a favorable month for you! Your thoughts may wander towards travel, home and to fulfill your desires. You will meet spiritual leaders or elderly people during the course of this month. Legal issues and litigation affairs might disappoint you. A short trip is on cards and travel will bring you benefits. You might be worried about the health of your child. Family functions will bring happiness. Relationship with friends and relatives will be amicable and they will respect your opinions. Some of your friends might think that you are selfish and uncompassionate. But they will gradually understand you. Some of you might quarrel with your friends in the later part of the month.

Mrigasira (3, 4) nakshatra people will have to work hard to achieve their goals. It is advisable for Arudra nakshatra people to keep a distance while dealing with their women counterparts. Some of you under Punarvasu (1, 2 and 3) nakshatra might need to exert hard work in profession.


Marriage proposal will be successful. Marital life and romance might not be satisfying during this month.  You will have to be very careful in interactions with your spouse; otherwise, it might end up in a troubled relationship. It is better to avoid romantic journey with your partner; this might bring some misunderstanding.


The time is positive for long term investments. Some off you will pay off their dues on loans. Incomes and gains through father or an elderly person are on cards. Money transactions and financial benefits will work in your favor. This month might not be a profitable one for speculation. Have a check on your expenses; it might increase.


There might be a communication gap between you and your higher authorities. In the second half of the month you might feel sick or less energetic due to the work load at your career front; however, your hard work will bring good results and returns during the second half of the month. Support from your higher authorities will also be favorable during this period. A few of you might also opt for a change in their job.



You might be affected by minor ailments such as head ache or viral fever. You might also feel dull in your activities due to your ill health.

For Business People:

This will be a profitable month for Business Partners; however, you will have to be careful about ego clashes and misunderstandings between your partners. Avoid being stubborn and over confident with your Business Partners. Dealings from abroad will be crucial for your business during this month. Those of you who are engaged in foreign trade will earn high profits. Business expansion is favoring you this month. People who are dealing with consumer durables and hotel business will make profits. Business People might be disturbed by the regulations from the Government during the first part of the month. Avoid speculation; you might lose money in speculation and in stock market.

For Professionals:

Professionals like Writers & Journalists will be successful and you will earn recognition for bringing out your best talent and hard work. Professionals working in Broadcasting, Logistics etc will witness success throughout the month; however, politicians might face hurdles and disappointments in their field.

Real Estate:

Day-to-day activities will be smooth. Some of you will possess a house through your spouse.

For Students:

Creative and artistic pursuit s of the students will be recognized. Higher education and examination results will be fruitful during this month. Students might have to put in hard work to be successful during the second half of the month. Students applying for higher education abroad might experience delay in the later part of the month.

Suggested Vedic Remedies:

•    Perform pooja to Lord Shiva and seek the blessings of the enlightened master
•    Help lame people

Lal-kitab remedies:

•   Take homeopathic liquid medicines to get well soon, in case you are ill
•    Feed cows with boiled rice

Auspicious Dates:

6th, 9th, 13th, 27th, 28th, 29th

Inauspicious Dates:

4th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 25th, 26th

Good Luck!


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