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28 Mar

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Market This Week

Stock Market, the king of investment options, provides the investors with the scope of the maximum return in the shortest duration of time. Hence, investors all around the globe are ready to invest their hard-earned money in order to secure their life in the shortest possible time. However, ups and downs in the market make several investors reluctant to enter trading. What about if you know the trend of share market in advance?

Our expert Vedic astrologers have analyzed the Chart of market this week to make you aware of the situations in the share market. Here are the astrological details:

from 28th March – April 1st: Jupiter is in its own house and the Venus Sukshama is moving towards the exalted house, which is influencing till the 29th of March. The market will be positive during this period. Sun Sukshama is from 30th – 31st March and it is also moving towards the exalted state. Mars in the 12th house is not favorable from 30th – 31st March and is indicating that selling will be done mostly in this period paving the way for the bear to grip the market.

Rahu in the natal chart is in the 9th house will give unexpected happenings and the market may raise unexpectedly bringing smiles in the face of stock market investors. Generally, market this week will be a bullish one and will be a favorable one for Share market traders. You can also check your personal finances or financial positions ahead with our detailed Financial Forecast.

Our detailed financial forecast will make you aware of the income and expenses that awaits you in future. It also includes suggestions for mantras, yantras and powerful remedies to solve all your financial problems. So, get ready to control your expenses and to welcome your financial gains by our detailed financial forecast.

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