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28 Mar

Taurus – Monthly predictions for April 2011

Taurus Monthly Horoscopes

General Overview:

This month will be highly favorable for you. Your reputation will increase. You will plan to fulfill your desires and will enjoy a heartening and pleasant relationship with your life partner and children. Your charm and sensuality will help you to win many friends this month. Contacts with old friends and meeting some of your old buddies unexpectedly are foreseen during this month.

Litigation affairs and disputes will favor you. Health of your mother might be affected by minor ailments. Short trips will bring beneficial results. Family functions and marriage proposals will bring joy.

Krittika (2, 3, and 4) nakshatra people will have a long standing problem resolved. The time is auspicious for Rohini nakshatra people to get married. People under Mrigasira (1, 2) will go abroad.


Romance and love affairs might not be positive during this month. Spending pattern of your partner might lead to an argument. Some of you might be possessive about your loved ones. It is advisable to control this feeling before it mess up your relationship. You might have to stay away from your spouse due to a professional assignment. The latter part of the month might also invite some unwanted argument.


Finances might not be good for the month. Money might have to be splurged towards education of your children, charity and travel. Chances for approval of a new loan to meet your expense are seen. Some of you will witness sudden or unexpected gains during this month. Money transactions might not be favorable during this month. This might be an unfavorable period for long time investments.


Responsibility at work might increase and you might be over loaded with work. Your superiors might not be supportive and you might use your communication skills to excel in your job. You will be expecting some financial gains and promotions at the career front. A few of you might also opt for a career change.


Robust health is foreseen in the early part of the month, while the later part might bring some minor ailments related to ankle and foot. Health condition will get improved during the course of the month.

For Business People:

Partnership Business will be profitable throughout this month. Speculation and stock market business will also yield gains. Communication and agency business are likely to bring financial gains.

For Professionals:

You might have to work hard work to get recognition. People in food and marine industry will succeed during this month. Professionals working in Communication and Networking field will also be successful.

Real Estate:

A good month is in store for you! Transactions related to house or land will be profitable during the course of this month.

For Students:

Students will have to concentrate more on their studies. An educational trip is on cards for few of you.

Suggested Vedic Remedies:

•    Perform Poojas to Lord Muruga and seek the blessings of enlightened master
•    Listen to Kanda Sasti Kavsam
•    Offer food to needy

Lal-kitab remedies:

•    Wear under garments which are black in color
•    Avoid having egg, fish and meat

Auspicious Dates:

9th, 10th, 13th, 27th, 28th, 29th

Inauspicious Dates:

4th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 26th

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Good Luck!


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