Cancer Monthly Horoscopes | Cancer Horoscope | Cancer Astrology

29 Mar

Cancer – Monthly predictions for April 2011

Cancer Monthly Horoscopes

General Overview:


A favorable month is in store for you! You will begin this month with an innate desire for a philosophical or spiritual life. You will participate in religious activities and visit religious places. This will invoke the positive forces and will keep you in high spirits throughout the month. Communications from a distant place or abroad will make you delighted. Those who are searching for an employment abroad will be successful.

You will receive fortune and luck from an unexpected source. You will be more efficient and cheerful in all your activities. It is advisable not to express your views openly to all to avoid unnecessary arguments; your words might get misinterpreted. Travelling might bring unfavorable results. It is advisable to stay out of arguments and disputes.

Punarvasu (4) nakshatra people will get an entry into the Government service. Some of the Pushya nakshatra people will buy a car. People under Aslesha nakshatra, might be depressed by the decisions taken.



Romance might not be favorable. Some of you might be disappointed in relationships. This period of time, might not be good to express your feelings. Spousal relationship might remain moderate throughout the month. The latter part of the month might bring a few arguments with your spouse with respect to finance.



Have a check on your expenses!  You will have to avoid excess spending. This month is not favorable for speculation and investment. You will earn financial gains by the end of this month. Try to avoid tough decisions related with investment. You will have to make compromises to run things smooth during this month. Chances of sudden expenses due to vehicle repair are seen during the middle of the month. Some of you might have to pay penalties or fine.




Your hard work and efficiency might not be recognized in career. There might not be job satisfaction during this month. You might not share a good rapport with your co-workers. Watch your words to avoid misunderstandings. Some of you may have a transfer, a change of job or a change in work environment during this month.



Your physical strength will improve. You will stay in the pink of your health throughout the month; however, you might experience tiredness or exhaustion due to over work. Take care!

For Business People:


You will have to adaptive and tolerant in order to run the business smoothly. You might experience shortage of money and might not be able to expand your Business. Partnership Business might have a downbeat. Ego clashes and unwanted arguments are also possible. Take care!


For Professionals:


Professionals like Teachers, Lecturers, Readers, Professors and Head of Departments will succeed during this month. Working women might have to face some obstacles. Be vigilant while dealing with higher authorities. Realtors and Tinsel world might struggle. Politicians will have accomplishments during the second half part of the month.


Real Estate:

Some of you will gain a plot of land. Construction work will go on normally. Look before you leap related to other aspects during the course of this month.


For Students:


This month might not be a favorable one for students; however, your hard work will help you to score well in studies.

Suggested Vedic Remedies:


  • Perform Poojas to Lord Durga and seek the blessings of enlightened master
  • Donate food to women and children
  • Chant “Ya devi sarvabhuteshu, shakti rupena samshthitha Namasteshwai Namasteshwai Namasteshwai namo namaha”

Lal-Kitab Remedies:

  • Feed three dogs daily
  • Maintain good relationship with siblings

Auspicious Dates:


6th, 8th, 9th, 13th, 29th

Inauspicious Dates:


4th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th

Good Luck!


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