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29 Mar

Leo – Monthly predictions for April 2011

Leo Monthly Horoscopes

General Overview:

This month might be a moderate one for you. Domestic front might not be satisfactory. Unwanted arguments might cause disharmony amongst the family members. A few disappointments might also keep you in low profile. You should not magnify petty issues & do not be over confident. Travel might not bring the desired results. Try to avoid quarrel with your siblings; stay cool! Female friends might put you in trouble or disgrace; try to stay away from them!

You will succeed in a competition or an interview to get an entry into Government or Semi-Government service. The second half of the month is encouraging. A pilgrimage to seek blessings from spiritual leaders will bring you inner peace. Some of you will have a new born in the family.

Makha nakshatra people will be interested towards legal profession. People under Poorvaphalguni nakshatra, might avoid unnecessary arguments with female counterparts. People who are born under Uttaraphalguni (1) nakshatra will have to put in their best efforts to own a property during the course of this month.


Romance might not be rewarding. This is not a favorable month to enter  in a new relation or for commitments in relationship. Increased bonding and intimacy with your spouse will bring joy and happiness.


It is better to avoid huge money transaction during the beginning of April. Speculation might also prove hazardous. Keep an eye on your spending pattern; over expenses are foreseen.  Financial gains might also remain low. You might obtain debts and loans to meet your expenditures related to children. Expenses through mother, spouse, children and long tour is also on the cards; however, some of you will earn gains through spouse.


Those of you who are opting for a career change will be successful. Some of you will earn a Government job.  A few of you might give up your present jobs to seek a new one. Your hard work will bring you name and fame. Support from higher authorities is also on cards.


The first half of the month might bring obstacles, physical strain and health ailments. Those who are under medication for chronic illness will have to take extra care. Some of you might experience skin and stomach ailments; however, all these problems will subside and will be cured. Drive carefully.

For Business People:

Business People might struggle due to lack of finance; expansion of business might get postponed. Partnership Business might also have to come across some problems. Speculation and stock market business may not fetch profits; there might be some loss of money.

The month will be favorable for people in Communication Business and they will be able to utilize the gains to expand their concern. People in Manufacturing Business will have to work hard to yield high financial gains. Some of them may expand their business and will be able to obtain new business orders.

For Professionals:

You might have to face difficulty at your workplace due to lack of your communicative skills. You will have to improve your interpersonal skills. Professionals like Government Employees, Astrologers, Accounts persons, Auditors will also perform well in their respective fields. Police, Military, Navy and Securities might struggle during this month. Celebrities and Realtors might also find this time tedious.

Real Estate:

This might not be a favorable time for realtors. Wait for a good time. Transactions related to house or land will be favorable during the second half of the month.

For Students:

It is not a favorable month and students will have to put in great efforts to score well. Be careful and do not waste your time with your friends to score well.

Suggested Vedic Remedies:

  • Perform Poojas to Lord Saturn and seek the blessings of the enlightened master
  • Chant Hanuman mantra “Aum aeem bhreem hanumate, shree ram dootaaya namaha”
  • Contribute for mentally challenged people.


Lal-kitab Remedies:


  • Worship daily in a temple of your choice
  • Apply a tilak of milk on your forehead every day


Auspicious Dates:

9th, 13th, 23rd, 27th

Inauspicious Dates:

4th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 25th, 26th, 29th, 30th

Good Luck!


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