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31 Mar

Virgo – Monthly Predictions for April 2011




Virgo Monthly Horoscopes




General Overview:

This month might not augur well for you. Some intimate relationship might lose its color. Disputes might create tensions; flexibility in your behavior will help you to get through these tough situations. You might have to avoid verbal duel both at home and at work place. Unhappy family situations might take away the harmony and peace. Laziness is foreseen with respect to your routine; this might curtail your productivity. Pull up your sleeves and get started! Your life partner will bring gains in the first half of the month. You will also have gains through your mother. You will get a divine help during this period.

The second half of the month might bring trouble, misfortune and ill health. Unhappiness in relationship with spouse and colleagues might also make you worried during this period. Give ears to the advice of someone close to you. You might not like their advice, but you can take it for future use. Utilize this insight with your own strategy and you will find your way. Expenditures towards children are on the cards. You might get disgraced by women; be alert!

Uttaraphalguni (2, 3, and 4) nakshatra people might have minor health ailments. There will be fulfillment of wishes for Hasta nakshatra people during this month. Chitra (1, 2) nakshatra people might have health ailments of stomach.




This is a favorable month for marriage and romance. This is the right time to express your feelings! Spousal relationship will be cordial during the first half of the month. The second half of the month might bring some differences in opinion. Avoid arguments and disputes to maintain harmony.



It might be better to avoid major financial transactions during this month as there are chances to lose your money. You might have to pay penalty during this month. Purchases of household items are seen. Some of you will clear off your old loans and dues by selling a property. Gains through mother, property, children, speculation, fine arts, and women are also in store for you.




Your hard work might not be appreciated at the work front; however, do not avoid your responsibilities. You will earn diplomacy and consideration everywhere. Some of you might get terminated from your job, so hope for the best & prepare for the worst.



You might have minor health ailments during this period. You should not neglect even a minor disorder. Discomforts and health ailments to children, spouse or parents are also possible during this month. Drive carefully to avoid injuries and wounds. Your health will improve by the end of this month.


For Business People:


Business Partners might not gain well; confusion and misunderstanding might prevail between the partners. Watch your actions. It is better to avoid over confidence. Expansion of business during this month is not favorable.

For Professionals:


You may take hasty decisions which may bring setback to your enthusiasm. Stay cool and watch your step. Professionals like Government Servants, Astrologers, Accounts persons, Auditors will perform well during this month. Working women will also be awarded. Glitz and glamour will be there in your profession and you will enjoy financial gains.

Real Estate:

Think before you act during this month. You will have to work hard to get the desired results in construction work.

For Students:


It is a favorable month for students. Try to avoid distraction and make the most of this time. Competitive exams will bring favorable results. Study tour is on cards. Researchers and students of esoteric science will also score well.


Suggested Vedic Remedies:


  • Perform Poojas to Lord Vishnu and seek the blessings of the enlightened master
  • Listen to Lord Vishnu Sahasranamam and chant “om namo narayana”
  • Feed poor Brahmins.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

  • Feed the monkeys
  • Worship Lord Hanuman daily


Auspicious Dates:


9th, 13th, 23rd, 27th


Inauspicious Dates:


4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 25th, 26th

Good Luck!


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