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01 Apr

Pisces – Monthly predictions for April 2011

General Overview:

This month will be favorable for your finance, career, health and overall status! This month might also increase your debts. You may experience a lack of commitment to your activities. Misunderstandings with your younger siblings are on cards; try to avoid arguments and conflicts with them. You will have to check your words and actions to avoid disharmony. Keep yourself cool!

You will go on a pilgrimage with family members. You will have meetings with friends and relatives. You will have benefits from your in-laws. Mother’s health might remain disturbed.

People who come under Poorvabhadra might be forcibly sent to somewhere. Uttarabhadra nakshatra people will have to be careful while travelling. A few of you, who fall under Revati nakshatra might avoid arguments with their siblings.


Your married life might not be satisfying. Inhibitions might lead to loneliness and frustration in romantic relationship. This might be a difficult time for love affairs; act maturely! Love life and romance will be satisfying during the second half of the month. You have to be very careful in dealing with your beloved one. Difference of opinion with spouse or partners might create some anxiety. Choose your words rightly to avoid any controversy.


You will be financially sound during this month! Loan applied will be sanctioned. Investment will bring financial gains; however, be cautious before investing. It is advisable not to try your luck in games and speculation.  Some of you will get unexpected gains or will inherit a legacy through property. Major money transactions should be avoided during the second half of the month; chances of losing your money are high. There will be a decrease in your income by the end of this month.  Expenses will also be under control.


A promotion awaits you in career which will increase your reputation and knowledge. Responsibility at work front might increase and you might be over burdened with work. You will get recognition from your superiors for the hard work done. Those who are opting for a career change will be successful during the course of the month.


Health will be quite satisfactory throughout the month. Those who are suffering from chronic diseases might have difficulty in their day-to-day activities. Your spouse might have some minor health ailments. Some of you might experience headaches, eye problem and skin ailments. Take care of your stomach ailments. Practicing yoga and meditation will improve your overall health!

For Business People:

A business visit will lead to an important meeting with someone who can help you to expand your business or to start a new venture. Partnership Business will be profitable. You will have to maintain transparency in Partnership Business to avoid misunderstandings. People in speculation and stock market might lose their hard earned money. People associated with foreign trade will have a moderate month. Hoteliers and people in Consumer Care will run their businesses smoothly. People engaged in Communication area will also be able to expand their business and to start other ventures.

For Professionals:

This month will bring improvement in your profession. You will be able to handle higher and valuable responsibilities. Some of you will travel overseas for professional matters. Consulting elder and experienced people will help you to achieve your goal. Creative projects will flourish with your focus. Those who are in tinsel world will gain reputation and financial benefits. Realtors might struggle while Politicians will succeed during this month.

Real Estate:

People engaged in construction work might find it difficult to procure raw materials. Agriculturists might not have a favorable time.

For Students:

Students will score well in their examinations. Their hard work will help them. Competitive exams are worth a try. Participate in oratory competitions; you will be successful!

Suggested Vedic Remedies:


  • Perform Poojas to Lord Rahu and seek the blessings of the enlightened master
  • Chant ‘om bhram bhreem bhrom saha rahave namaha
  • Perform charity to lepers

La-kitab Remedies:

  • Feed grass to a black cow once in a week
  • Feed crows with curd daily

Auspicious Dates:

9th, 13th, 23rd, 24th

Inauspicious Dates:

4th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 25th, 26th

Good Luck!



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