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05 Jul

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What is a Homa?

In Hinduism, there are certain religious practices where devotees try to appease the deities by means of certain offerings. Homa is one such practice where devotees offer sacred materials into consecrated fire and pray for various reasons. Homa is also referred to as Havan or Homam or Yagna.

Lord Ganesha

The Hindu God Ganesha is also called by the names Vigneshwara, Ganapathy, and Vinayaka. Lord Ganapathy is the offspring of Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvathy. The unique attribute about Lord Ganesha is that he has a head of an elephant and body of human being. Lord Ganesha is prayed before start of any new venture. It is highly believed by devotees that Lord Ganesha eliminates all the hurdles that may come along the way during accomplishment of a task.

Ganesha Homa and its Benefits

Ganesha Homa is done prior to beginning of a new personal or professional venture. The main God of this influential homa is Lord Ganesha. Devotees who perform this homa are blessed with success in their accomplishments.

Ganesha Homa keeps your obstacles at bay while you perform your accomplishments. The Homa showers you with positive energy and enthusiasm and presents you the vital strength to complete your task successfully. Let it be your new business venture or new career investment, the apt solution to get away or tackle the hurdles will be performance of Ganesha Homa. The most favorable thithi for performing Ganesha Homa is Chaturthi Tithi. Next time you are about start a new venture, forget not to perform a Ganesha Homa, and enjoy the benefits.

Perform Ganesha Homa to remove Your Obstacles

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