Garbarakshambigai Pooja and Santhana Gopala Homam for Childless Couple

06 Jul

Divine Solution For Childless Couples And Pregnancy Related Complications

Being Mother is a craving for every married woman. Sadly, there are many couples who are not blessed with off springs. Even though, Medical science brings out a lot of reasons such as, fertility problems, miscarriages and other complications, the desire for a progeny, never gets over for a childless couple. Also, apart from their own craving for an off spring, they also are in the compulsion to answer the society for many uncomfortable questions that are posed now and then.

However, the big question is that even after undergoing lots of consultations and treatment procedures, why many women still suffer from childlessness. What could be the best possible means to get rid of these pregnancy related problems and be blessed with a healthy off-spring?

The Vedic tradition seems to have all the right answers and solutions.

Santhana Gopala Homa – A Boon for Childless Couple

Santhana Gopala is an infant form of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the Hindu God who always helps his devotees at times of their difficulties and errands. Santhana Gopala Homa is a very powerful and effective method used by childless couples to get blessed with progeny. By performing this special Homa, expecting mothers can readily access the vibrations and energy which blesses them with healthy and intelligent off springs.

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Garbarakshambiga Pooja – Divine Solution for Pregnancy Related Complications

‘Garba’ means pregnancy, ‘Raksha’ means protection, and ‘Ambigai’ is one of the names of Goddess Parvati. Worshipping Goddess Garbarakshambiga, bestows an expecting mother with the blessing to undergo safe delivery of her baby. The divine energy of the extremely effective Garbarakshambiga pooja heals many complications and issues related to fertility and pregnancy. The impediments in the process of getting pregnant are smoothened with the beam of positive energy which rejuvenates the couple, and thereby paves the way for a healthy offspring.

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If the above mentioned divine rituals are performed with utmost sincerity, authenticity and devotion, then it can surely act like a ‘boon’ for couples yearning to cherish the charm of motherhood.

Cherish the Charm of Motherhood

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