Hanuman Homam – To Protect From Evil Eye| Lord Hanuman | Hanuman Homa for Self Confidence

15 Jul

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When there is a will, there is a way” – is a well-known English quote. Life is full of challenges and surprises. While it is not possible to avoid these challenges, it is quite possible to face them with courage and overcome the problems. Thus courage and hope are the main source of happy living. A courageous person is able to fight back during negative situations.

Story emphasizing the value of courage

Let us now see an old story from India about courage. Once there was a very able King ruling a Kingdom in India. People of the Kingdom were happy due to the able administration of this King. The King had the presence of Ashtalakshmis within him. Ashtalakshmis refer to eight Goddesses who are responsible for Wealth, Health, courage and other necessary attributes of successful living.

Once the King had a bad time and underwent a tough situation. During this bad period the eight Goddesses left him one by one. The King was silent when the other Goddesses left him but when it was the turn of Dhairyalakshmi, the Goddess of courage, he ordered her not to leave him. Once the Goddess of courage was with him, all the other Goddesses or Lakshmis came back to him. This story clearly illustrates the value of courage. There are some people who lack self confidence. There are some auspicious procedures that can help regain their self-confidence and tackle the obstacles in their life. One such powerful homa that helps you regain your self-confidence and be courageous is Hanuman homa.

Hanuman Homam – Sacred Ritual to Remove Evil Eye and to Gain Self Confidence

The chief deity of Hanuman homa is Lord Hanuman. Lord hanuman is the ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Lord hanuman showers plenty of blessings to His devotees and makes them self-confident and joyful. This homa offers the following benefits to the devotees:

  • Protection from evil eye casting
  • Ability to overcome hindrances in life
  • Attain courage and self confidence in all endeavors

The main mantra for Hanuman Homa is “Om Hum Harimarkataaya Namah”. Devotees can attain lots of benefits by chanting this mantra and performing this auspicious homa.

Help Me Gain the Blessings of Lord Hanuman with Hanuman Homa!


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