Final Destination 5 Review | Final Destination 5 Story, Release Date | Final Destination Movie

09 Aug

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Final Destination 5 Images, Review, Story | Final Destination 5 Review

Final Destination 5 Review, Story, Images

Final Destination 5, the 3D supernatural horror-thriller, another sequel of Final destination series is set to send great thrills down the spine this August. Steven Quale, the director of Final Destination 5, is none other than the assistant director of biggest Hollywood blockbusters “Titanic” and “Avatar”.

Final Destination 5, which will hit the silver screens on 12th August 2011, is all set to blast through your eyes and ears as it comes loaded with matchless 3D animation technology. The movie revolves around the protagonist’s forewarning about the terrible bridge collapse, their escape from that mishap and how death follows them. Final destination 5 is believed to thieve the hearts of horror lovers of all age groups.

But will the belief survive? Let’s analyze what the planets are telling about the Final destination 5 review based on the time and release date of Final Destination 5.

On 12th August 2011, Moon will be in a movable sign and Lord Venus (indicates movie industry) will also be in a movable and fruitful sign. This indicates that the movie will have a good opening; however, the success rate might be moderate.

Rahu is strongly placed in the 11th house from Moon and Lord Saturn (representing mass) is aspecting it, which indicates that Final destination 5 will be the centre of attraction in foreign countries.

So according to our Vedic experts, Final destination 5 will be successful and will thieve the hearts of horror lovers of all age groups.

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