Kala Bhairava | Importance of Time Management | Kala Bhairava Homa | 8th Waning Moon

24 Aug

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Importance of Time Management

“Time and tide waits for no man”

Time is precious and the above mentioned proverb highlights it. The essence of time management lies in scheduling, organizing and arranging the available time in the right manner. But are you able to manage your time well? Are you finding it difficult to meet your deadlines?

Time management is an art of managing your time effectively by applying a certain set of principles, skills and methods. It is being practiced and implemented by people in different walks of life like business people, professionals, researchers, teachers, and scholars to achieve optimum results.

How to Manage Time Effectively?

As time is a resource which cannot be preserved and used later. So it is crucial to understand the methods to manage time effectively. Some of the time management methods are:

Set your priorities: Setting your priorities or prioritizing a day’s or week’s work will help you to watch your time in a better manner. The most important works can be given priority and the less important work can be postponed to the end of the day or week. So, prioritize your work!

Plan your time wisely: Understand that there is only 24 hours in a day! And you cannot wish for more in this regard. It is wise for you to plan in advance wisely to carry out things as quickly as possible. This practice will allow you to do more activities in a day or a week. So, plan your time wisely!

Avoid distractions: It is the key for a smooth day at your personal or professional life. The more you get distracted, the more time you waste. Concentrate and concentrate more has to be the agenda to overcome distractions.

Gain inner peace: detached mind set can take over your plans for the whole day. Here, you need to be patient to find out the reasons for the lack of inner peace.  Think of a few rewarding activities that you would like to do, if you get some spare time. This will inspire you to manage your time in an efficient manner.

Kala Bhairava HomaA Vedic Ritual for Time Management Techniques

Every moment of your life has got hidden secrets in store and there is a master who holds the key to it. He is the Kala Bhairava—the one who controls your time schedules. On worshipping Kala Bhairava, you will be gifted with the art of time management. This powerful Homa will infuse in you, the staunch positive vibrations that increase your productivity; it will also guide you towards the path of success.

Kala Bhairava Homa & the Deity

Lord Kala Bhairava, the manifestation of Lord Shiva is the chief deity of this powerful Homa. He is twirled with serpents all around his body and his divine vehicle is the dog. On pleasing this deity, you will be powered with the habit of punctuality. He will relieve you from debts; pave way for abundant income and improve your financial status among the society.

Divine technique is the most effective medium that bridges the gap between life and God. When you access the right technique for the right reason, you will successfully travel through the journey of life. On performing the Kala Bhairava Homa, you will be blessed with the capacity to work ahead of your time schedules. Time is money and the time saved is priceless. 

8th Waning Moon is a powerful time to offer prayers to Kala Bhairava. Participate in rituals to Lord Kala Bhairava.

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