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20 Oct

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Health Astrology – Get Rid of Health Problems

“Prevention is better than cure” You know that health is our most vital investment and our major asset. The significance of health and wellness has undoubtedly come to the forefront, as each person in the world came across some kind of body issues, not necessarily, if it’s a life-threatening issue, but everything counts. The only thing that counts is, how to deal with these health ailments?

Well, Vedic Astrology can be a great helping hand for your concern. Astrology is the study of celestial bodies in relation with the human being. Hence, it can study the stars to correctly interpret the reasons behind our health issues and ailments. Moreover, it also identifies the ways to deal with these health ailments. So get rid of health problems with Health Astrology!

Astrology for Health

Astrology may not be a substitute for proper medical advice and treatment but, it has the power to understand the celestial forces which are influencing the health of an individual. It can provide you with effective Vedic rituals and remedies, which will negate your ill effects.

With the help of Health Astrology, Vedic astrologers can successfully trace out the cosmic influences which determine one’s health and will also helps in identifying the planetary positioning of Mars & Saturn and influences of various Houses.

Relation of Health with Various Houses

  • 1st House: General well being of a person
  • 5th House: Helps to overcome the health complications
  • 6th House: Gives indication about the nature of diseases of the native
  • 8st House: Determines the loss of an organ due to disease or health issues
  • 11th House: Helps to get recovery from physical disorders
  • 12th House: Determines the factors for hospitalization or the analysis of defect in one’s physique
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