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21 Oct

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GEMSTONES – Powerful Agents of Energy

Gemstones are powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny by bringing in the positive energy and expelling the negative energy. Lucky gemstones can create wonders in your life, if you possess the exact one that suits your horoscope, be it about gaining a good academic result, a promising career, an everlasting relationship or a sound financial condition. You can achieve it all by just wearing the right gem stones that will imbibe your negative energy.

Gemstones are suggested according to your Birth Chart, which is the combination of the planetary configuration at the time of your birth. Each Gemstone holds its own unique divine quality which can add a positive change and spirituality to your life. Wearing the right gemstone or birthstone of the right weight on an identified day will help you gain the benefits of the Gemstone as Vedic Astrological Gemstones are not ornamental but remedial.

Gemstone Astrology – Choose the Right Color to Paint Your Life

The Nine Deities of the Nine Planets are authoritative in influencing the ups and downs of your life. Experts suggest that soothing these Deities will reduce negative vibrations in your life. There are nine gems which are known as Navaratnas corresponding to these nine planets and to wear a Gem is to add energy to the planet related to it. Each Gem possesses a supreme spiritual quality that drives your motive towards a successful destiny.

AstroVed presents you a splashing range of color stones entrenched with the luck factor that will elevate your heart and soul! Our accomplished astrologers will be able to decode the cosmic language communicated through your Natal Horoscope and deliver it you black and white as a detailed report. The report will accurately pinpoint that magic Gemstone that will eradicate your planetary deficiencies and actualize the true potential of your life-we have 16 special and unique categories for you to choose from; now the choice is all yours!

The Gemstones and the planets that they represent are:-

Ruby – Sun
Pearl- Moon
Red Coral – Mars
Hessonite- Rahu (nodes of moon)
Blue Sapphire- Saturn
Cats Eye – Ketu (nodes of moon)
Yellow Sapphire- Jupiter
Green Emerald- Mercury

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