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25 Oct

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E-Ticketing Facility for ST Bus Services

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa launched the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility, which will be a big boon for the commuters, who will be aiming to go to their native places during weekends or on festivals and vacations.

With the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility, an individual can book the tickets 30 days in advance of the journey date by using their credit or debit cards and through net banking also. The main advantage of the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility is that one can choose the desired seat for the journey.

As per officials, the number of reservation centers that are functioning in Tamil Nadu and the neighboring States will soon go up from 50 to 300. But will this move of TNSTC E-Ticketing facility see success?

We tried to get the concern solved by contacting the astrologers at AstroVed. Com, who analyzed the Prasna Chart to answer the question raised.

As per the Vedic experts, the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility is denoted by Lord Mercury and the Tamil Nadu state bus services are indicated by Lord Venus. Lord Sun signifies the Government officials while Lord Saturn is represented by the general public. All the above mentioned planets are associated in the exalted sign of Lord Mercury, which is clearly indicating that the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility will be successful.

I got my doubts cleared from AstroVed astrologers. Now, you can also clear your doubts or concerns in less than 5 minutes through the Instant Insight service also known as Prasna astrology service from AstroVed. With the Instant Insight service from AstroVed, you can experience the satisfaction of receiving your answer immediately, as the Astrologer begins to evaluate your question at a moment’s notice. Based on the time of your asking the question, experienced Vedic Astrologer will study all the planetary indicators and answer your question in near real time.

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