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22 Nov

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Will Vidya’s Oh LA LA… Overcome Chamak Challo’s Box Office Collections?

Prasna Astrology Reveals!

Vidya Balan is getting dirtier and dirtier and is making the Dirty picture even dirtier. As per the hype created The Dirty Picture is the biggest contender to be this quarter’s biggest financial success and as experts believe it can even be a bigger financial hit than Ra. One.

The release date of Dirty picture is December 2nd and the USP of the film is the story line, inspired by Silk Smitha, Vidya Balan’s oomph factor and last but not the least, the likes of Imraan Hashmi and Naseerudeen Shah.

Even though, Ra. One came with much promises, the film was not able to catch the attention and was not counted as one of the big financial gainers as the film itself was made for around 150 crores. In that sense, The Dirty picture, this is comparatively low in budget, may score over Ra.One in box office.

Let’s analyze what the planets are indicating about the Dirty picture’s financial success. Will Vidya’s Ohh La la be able to attract more crowd than what Chammak challo did?

As per the prasna chart (based in Chennai on Nov 7th at 15. 49. 46 hours) the ascendant falls in the sign Pisces ruled by Jupiter (represents money). The 2nd house indicates about financial flow (box office collections or revenue).

In the 2nd house, Lord Jupiter is placed in retro grade motion. Even though Jupiter is the chief governor for money, this planet’s retro grade motion is not much favorable for The Dirty picture. Moreover, the debilitated Sun’s aspect to the 2nd house is also indicating that the movie will take some time to get good box office collections.

So according to the Vedic pundits, the planetary placements are not much favorable for The Dirty picture and will not be able to pull in more collections compared with Ra.One. However, the movie will perform well slowly and will rule the box office. So, Ohh La La will really give a tight competition to Chammak Challo.

So, we will have to wait to witness the collection records clash between the Dirty Vidya and the G. One Shahrukh. Will the Super Hero bend before Vidya….. the wait is on!

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