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29 Jan

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Mercedes Benz to Mid-Range Car Segment

The German Luxury car maker, Mercedes-Benz is geared up to enter the mid-range segment of cars in India, pricing it below their C class variants. Their main initiative behind this decision is to bring down the expenditure of owning a Mercedes – Benz to as low as 15-lakh rupees, for those who cannot afford to spend 30 – 90 Lakhs for a first-class car.

Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz in 2014 Mercedes-Benz-SLR-McLaren-2 nissan-mercedes-benz-cls-cars-hd-358326

Mercedes Benz are also aiming to make the maximum of the growing middle class segment by launching their mid range segment cars within 2-3 years in India, which will be completely knockdown units to be assembled in the company’s existing facility at Chakan, Pune.

Mercedes Benz in 2013 have shown a sharp growth in their car sales and they are also quite positive about their new venture, which will help them to reach the larger market of India and to increase their car sales in India.

In 2014, Mercedes Benz is planning to roll out 10 new cars. Currently around 85% of the Mercedes Benz vehicles sold in the Indian market are made in India and this share is likely to go up as the company completes work on expanding its plant.

However, will the new cars and the mid-range segment of cars boost the profits and sales of Mercedes Benz in India? I inquired about it to an expert Vedic astrologer and he analyzed the Prasna Chart to solve the concern.

As per the Prasna, Aries and Taurus, the four legged signs are occupied by the Lords Jupiter and Ketu respectively, while the multi-legged signs Cancer and Scorpio are occupied by Lord Mars and Lord Rahu. These planetary positions are indicating that stiff completion is on the cards for Mercedes Benz in the mid range car segment.

However, the Prasna chart is also hinting that Mercedes Benz will get successful in India due to their brand name in the mid range car segment as Scorpio, the Ascendant sign, is occupied by an exalted planet Rahu (Yoga Karakan).

So, According to the Vedic expert, the luxury German car maker, Mercedes Benz will be able to achieve their hopes up to a certain level, if not completely in 2014.

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