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Muhurta or Muhurat – The Perfect Time for Auspicious Purposes

Muhurat also known as Muhurta is the branch of Vedic astrology that deals with the most auspicious and appropriate time to commence a new activity in order to ensure success. It is purely based on the calculation of various aspects of Vedic astrology like the planetary position of native, of the particular day on which the activity has to be performed etc.

Muhurat is the moment when the conditions are as near perfect to start a new work. Traditionally, it is a common practice amongst Hindus to start or avoid starting significant tasks like religious ceremonies, buying a new house, land, other property, vehicles, marriage or engagement, starting a new business, signing work contracts, partnership deeds etc… on the basis of the quality of a particular Muhurta.

Consideration of Muhurta or Muhurat to start a new venture or to celebrate a ceremony in family is very important. It is often seen that an individual even after having favorable planetary positions is not able to achieve success because of starting the venture on an inauspicious time. This is even equal to go against the natural forces and unfavorable cosmic powers.

The Vedic scriptures also generally recommend one or more Muhurtas to perform rituals and practices. Brahma Muhurta, one such example, is approximately one and a half hours before sunrise and is recommended in all practices of yoga as it is considered most apt for meditation.

The Scientific Importance of Muhurta (Muhurat)

Muhurta is a typical combination of the planets, which makes a favorable effect on human beings similar to the gravitational force between the planets and the living & non-living things on earth.  For Example – The high & low tides in the ocean are caused by the gravitational force between Moon and earth.

How to Determine a Suitable Muhurat

We need an Ephemeris (Panchanga) giving the astronomical computations of the planetary positions to determine a suitable Muhurta. Five elements are chosen carefully for success in any new venture, namely Vara (weekday), Tithi (lunar day), Nakshatra (asterism), Yoga and Karana. These five main elements are easily determined through the planetary positions and are explicitly listed in Ephemeris or Panchang. In addition, for selecting a propitious moment or Muhurat, the Ascendant and Moon must be strong, both at the time selected as well as in relation to the horoscope of the concerned individual.

There are certain rules stated for astrological time selections in Muhurta treatises in Vedic astrology such as the choice of nakshatra depends on the nature of ventures.  There are also some forbidden moments like gullika, Rahukalam etc, which are taken into account while selecting an auspicious Muhurta.

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