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Samsung Q4 Profits | Samsung Smartphones Boosted Q4 Results | Samsung Market

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What is the Reason Behind Samsung’s Record Earnings?

Samsung Electronics reported a record quarterly profit on the back of surging Samsung Smartphone Market. Samsung’s profit in the three months that ended in December was 5.2 trillion won ($4.5 billion), as to 3.01 trillion won a year ago, as per the statement of the company.

The South Korean firm, which surged past Apple as the world’s top smartphone maker in the third quarter, is quickly building on its supremacy with best-ever sales of high-end phones, while the latest models from the likes of HTC, Nokia and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion still struggling to interest consumers.

Let us see what exactly is working for Samsung Electronics to reach this feat. Our astrologers have analyzed the Prasna chart to study the reasons behind it.

As per the prasna chart now the ascendant sign falls in Jupiter’s sign Pisces. Jupiter known as “Dhana Karaka” (the planet representing money) is positioned in the movable & fiery sign Aries in the 2nd house (indicating financial gains). The favorable position of planets helped Samsung Electronics to post high profits.

Moreover, Venus the planet indicating luxury and comfortable things is placed in the 11th house (indicating fulfillment of desires). This is another factor translating into success for Samsung Electronics.

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