Time is Five Past Eleven

Chapter – 1 

It was a cold evening in the month of December in the city of Chennai. The wind was blowing across the window and I could see the trees moving to and fro from the dim light that was glowing in the streets. Clouds were seen but as you know, Chennai is hot, hotter and hottest; rain also is very rare here. Hence, i knew that the clouds will move on.

The time was moving fast and still there were no signs of rain. I finished my dinner and started scribbling on the writing pad as I had got a contract to write a novel for a magazine. I was thinking of what to start from as my previous 8 novels were family- oriented. I wanted a change and hence i had clearly informed the editor that this will be a completely different genre from my previous ones.

I thought of writing a thriller story and was thinking for the plot. From my window, i could see the road clearly and only a few vehicles were on the road as the time was five past eleven. Just then i saw a person, who was walking across the road wearing a green color shirt, or it can be a blue color also. As seen in the movie, Mumbai police that person was also standing under the street lamp. So, i cannot clearly identify the real color.

He stood under the lamp for around 5 – 10 minutes and started smoking. He was around 6 feet tall, was strongly built and was wearing a cap, which covered his face from the angle, i was viewing.  Suddenly a car came, they handed over some packet to him and then left. He then took his phone from the left pocket of his jeans and called someone. After talking for around one minute, he left the place.

To be Continued…


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