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Woman Power in India | Women Power in India | Powerful Women | Role of Women

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There are two ways of spreading light …

To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. ~ Edith Wharton

This line clearly quotes the drive behind the incredible showcase of women power in the state assembly elections held a few months back in India. Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee with their massive win over their opponents have stunned the critics of women power who were already overwhelmed by the presence of Super VVIPs in India.

If Jayalalitha led AIADMK alliance gave a hardhearted pasting to Karunanidhi’s DMK and the Congress coalesces, the Mamata wave swept the 34 year dynasty of the Left Front in West Bengal. Amazingly, there are still lots of similarities between these two women monarchs.

Both hail from meek backgrounds and have pulled out their best in this murky world of politics. They learned the art to become fiercely individualistic by rising above the confines and constraints and by focusing on their goals. So now it is clear & crisp that women are here to rule for some time!

Our expert Vedic Astrologers have analyzed the natal charts of both the CMs – J. Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee, to know the planetary influence in their lives and what they had stored for them in future.

Presently, Jayalalitha also known as “Amma” is undergoing the minor period of the Moon in the major period of Rahu (grants pleasures), who is placed in the 11th house (indicates fulfillment of desires and hopes) in the sign Aries (bestows energy and power).

Rahu in the sign Aries is considered to be very powerful and fortunate and the placement of Rahu in the 11th house would bestow her with great honors and powers, especially in her career.

The minor period Lord Moon is in the 3rd house along with the lord of the 6th house (shows job & daily responsibilities) and 11th house (indicates fulfillment of desires and hope). The influence of the 6th house made her victorious and the 11th house made her desires come true. Moreover, the upcoming minor period of Mars will lift her name and fame. The Mars is along with the Moon (mind inclination of people) which indicates that the masses will be on her side. It is also specifying that anything which will be unfavorable for the people of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha will strongly stand against it.

Having a look at Mamata’s Chart, “Didi” is presently undergoing the major period of Saturn. In her Natal Chart, Saturn, which indicates career, is in a strong position and is placed in the 6th house (grants win over enemies) to her Moon sign Taurus.

Moreover, the planet Saturn, lord of the 9th house signifying premier and the 10th house signifying power is exalted in 6th house. The 6th house placement of the 10th house (shows career) signifies that she will be a tireless worker. Saturn’s influence will also make her reach new heights in future.

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