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Angel Reading Online | Angel Reading | Online Angel Guidance | Online Angel Reading

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The Angel is Always Besides You To Help

Today’s life style is all busy and hectic, with most of you either busy with career or with your household works. It makes you mostly feel that you are left short of time and have to multi task most of your work, leaving you with none other alternatives. Well, what makes you take refuge in this situation? It’s none other than your indecisive mind, which listens to none, making you move like a pendulum.

Have you ever pondered over the question that why you are mostly left with indecisive minds or are not able to find a suitable solution, even if someone keeps whispering to you to do something, which might be called as your inner sense or in the wise terms, the words of an Angel, who is always with you to guide you.

You might have even experienced it in your day to day life, in simple activities or incidents, or in some confusing environments, where these angels would have whispered something useful in your ears. These messages or guidance from these angels have inspired many to evolve to their fullest potential in every area of their life, have rescued them from embarrassing circumstances and have also made them capable to live their own happy and blissful life, providing them with inner strength.

You can also lead such a peaceful life, free from all the tensions of this pacy and stressy life with the guidance of your Angel. The valuable support, love and guidance which we receive through the Angels assist us to make our life ahead clearer, brighter and crispier. But, if you are wondering on how to receive the divine guidance of the Angel, we are happy to help you with AstroVed’s Angel reading service.

Angel Reading

Angels, have enormous energy packed with them that can help us to change and revolutionize our life. They are actually, the messengers, who carry the message of the divine to us. An Angel reading can guide you suitably, by providing deeper insights into your present situation and by providing solutions and pathways to your concerns.

Now get ready to solve all your concerns and problems with the divine guidance of the angel with Vishnu Maya reading, which is an esoteric science practiced by very few masters, who have acquired the blessings of the great Siddhas.

Always remember that Divine grace and guidance will work for us only when we seek it. Everyone has a mind that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, to enable us to follow a suitable path. So get ready to listen to the voice of the Angel, who is always with you.


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TNSTC E-Ticketing facility | TNSTC Online Bus Ticketing | TNSTC | E-Ticketing

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E-Ticketing Facility for ST Bus Services

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa launched the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility, which will be a big boon for the commuters, who will be aiming to go to their native places during weekends or on festivals and vacations.

With the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility, an individual can book the tickets 30 days in advance of the journey date by using their credit or debit cards and through net banking also. The main advantage of the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility is that one can choose the desired seat for the journey.

As per officials, the number of reservation centers that are functioning in Tamil Nadu and the neighboring States will soon go up from 50 to 300. But will this move of TNSTC E-Ticketing facility see success?

We tried to get the concern solved by contacting the astrologers at AstroVed. Com, who analyzed the Prasna Chart to answer the question raised.

As per the Vedic experts, the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility is denoted by Lord Mercury and the Tamil Nadu state bus services are indicated by Lord Venus. Lord Sun signifies the Government officials while Lord Saturn is represented by the general public. All the above mentioned planets are associated in the exalted sign of Lord Mercury, which is clearly indicating that the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility will be successful.

I got my doubts cleared from AstroVed astrologers. Now, you can also clear your doubts or concerns in less than 5 minutes through the Instant Insight service also known as Prasna astrology service from AstroVed. With the Instant Insight service from AstroVed, you can experience the satisfaction of receiving your answer immediately, as the Astrologer begins to evaluate your question at a moment’s notice. Based on the time of your asking the question, experienced Vedic Astrologer will study all the planetary indicators and answer your question in near real time.

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Gemstone Astrology | Gemstone as Per Horoscope | Astrology Gemstone | Gemstones

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GEMSTONES – Powerful Agents of Energy

Gemstones are powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny by bringing in the positive energy and expelling the negative energy. Lucky gemstones can create wonders in your life, if you possess the exact one that suits your horoscope, be it about gaining a good academic result, a promising career, an everlasting relationship or a sound financial condition. You can achieve it all by just wearing the right gem stones that will imbibe your negative energy.

Gemstones are suggested according to your Birth Chart, which is the combination of the planetary configuration at the time of your birth. Each Gemstone holds its own unique divine quality which can add a positive change and spirituality to your life. Wearing the right gemstone or birthstone of the right weight on an identified day will help you gain the benefits of the Gemstone as Vedic Astrological Gemstones are not ornamental but remedial.

Gemstone Astrology – Choose the Right Color to Paint Your Life

The Nine Deities of the Nine Planets are authoritative in influencing the ups and downs of your life. Experts suggest that soothing these Deities will reduce negative vibrations in your life. There are nine gems which are known as Navaratnas corresponding to these nine planets and to wear a Gem is to add energy to the planet related to it. Each Gem possesses a supreme spiritual quality that drives your motive towards a successful destiny.

AstroVed presents you a splashing range of color stones entrenched with the luck factor that will elevate your heart and soul! Our accomplished astrologers will be able to decode the cosmic language communicated through your Natal Horoscope and deliver it you black and white as a detailed report. The report will accurately pinpoint that magic Gemstone that will eradicate your planetary deficiencies and actualize the true potential of your life-we have 16 special and unique categories for you to choose from; now the choice is all yours!

The Gemstones and the planets that they represent are:-

Ruby – Sun
Pearl- Moon
Red Coral – Mars
Hessonite- Rahu (nodes of moon)
Blue Sapphire- Saturn
Cats Eye – Ketu (nodes of moon)
Yellow Sapphire- Jupiter
Green Emerald- Mercury

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Health Astrology | Health Horoscope | Health and Astrology | Get Rid of Health Problems

Health Horoscope, Astrology Health, Health and Astrology, Astrology and Health, Health Astrology, Astrology, Medical Astrology, Zodiac Sign Chart, Astrology Report, Astrology Diet, Get Rid of Health Problems

Health Astrology – Get Rid of Health Problems

“Prevention is better than cure” You know that health is our most vital investment and our major asset. The significance of health and wellness has undoubtedly come to the forefront, as each person in the world came across some kind of body issues, not necessarily, if it’s a life-threatening issue, but everything counts. The only thing that counts is, how to deal with these health ailments?

Well, Vedic Astrology can be a great helping hand for your concern. Astrology is the study of celestial bodies in relation with the human being. Hence, it can study the stars to correctly interpret the reasons behind our health issues and ailments. Moreover, it also identifies the ways to deal with these health ailments. So get rid of health problems with Health Astrology!

Astrology for Health

Astrology may not be a substitute for proper medical advice and treatment but, it has the power to understand the celestial forces which are influencing the health of an individual. It can provide you with effective Vedic rituals and remedies, which will negate your ill effects.

With the help of Health Astrology, Vedic astrologers can successfully trace out the cosmic influences which determine one’s health and will also helps in identifying the planetary positioning of Mars & Saturn and influences of various Houses.

Relation of Health with Various Houses

  • 1st House: General well being of a person
  • 5th House: Helps to overcome the health complications
  • 6th House: Gives indication about the nature of diseases of the native
  • 8st House: Determines the loss of an organ due to disease or health issues
  • 11th House: Helps to get recovery from physical disorders
  • 12th House: Determines the factors for hospitalization or the analysis of defect in one’s physique
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Free Daily Zodiac Horoscopes Online | Free Personal Daily Horoscope Online | Horoscope

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Daily Zodiac Horoscopes or Daily Horoscopes helps us to know about the important things or events in advance, which would seem that part of our learning arc in this life, to discover ways to deal with uncertainty. Daily Zodiac Horoscopes in a way also helps in preventing bad luck and helps to deal with anxiety, fear and doubts.

Astrology, the means of divination and foretelling the future, makes use of Sun, Moon, Stars, and the planetary bodies to make exact calculations to predict what the future holds for the seeker. There are certain things in life, which we would like to ensue, but at the same time, we feel uncertain about and this is where Daily Zodiac Horoscopes or Daily Horoscopes helps us.

Get Your Free Daily Zodiac Horoscopes Here

Zodiac signs in general terms, are a set pattern observed by the stars in the sky, during specific times in the year, which holds the key about the future. A Vedic astrologer then observes the zodiac signs, to know their interpretations, and then makes predictions for the individuals based on their respective zodiac signs. Nowadays, getting your free personal daily horoscope is easy due to the indulgence of internet and technology. You can also get your free online horoscopes well in advance by signing with AstroVed, if not a member of AstroVed, and by subscribing the Daily Zodiac Horoscope services.


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Woman Power in India | Women Power in India | Powerful Women | Role of Women

Woman Power in India,  Women Power in India, Powerful Women, Women in Politics, Importance of Women, Role of Women, Women in Power

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There are two ways of spreading light …

To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. ~ Edith Wharton

This line clearly quotes the drive behind the incredible showcase of women power in the state assembly elections held a few months back in India. Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee with their massive win over their opponents have stunned the critics of women power who were already overwhelmed by the presence of Super VVIPs in India.

If Jayalalitha led AIADMK alliance gave a hardhearted pasting to Karunanidhi’s DMK and the Congress coalesces, the Mamata wave swept the 34 year dynasty of the Left Front in West Bengal. Amazingly, there are still lots of similarities between these two women monarchs.

Both hail from meek backgrounds and have pulled out their best in this murky world of politics. They learned the art to become fiercely individualistic by rising above the confines and constraints and by focusing on their goals. So now it is clear & crisp that women are here to rule for some time!

Our expert Vedic Astrologers have analyzed the natal charts of both the CMs – J. Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee, to know the planetary influence in their lives and what they had stored for them in future.

Presently, Jayalalitha also known as “Amma” is undergoing the minor period of the Moon in the major period of Rahu (grants pleasures), who is placed in the 11th house (indicates fulfillment of desires and hopes) in the sign Aries (bestows energy and power).

Rahu in the sign Aries is considered to be very powerful and fortunate and the placement of Rahu in the 11th house would bestow her with great honors and powers, especially in her career.

The minor period Lord Moon is in the 3rd house along with the lord of the 6th house (shows job & daily responsibilities) and 11th house (indicates fulfillment of desires and hope). The influence of the 6th house made her victorious and the 11th house made her desires come true. Moreover, the upcoming minor period of Mars will lift her name and fame. The Mars is along with the Moon (mind inclination of people) which indicates that the masses will be on her side. It is also specifying that anything which will be unfavorable for the people of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha will strongly stand against it.

Having a look at Mamata’s Chart, “Didi” is presently undergoing the major period of Saturn. In her Natal Chart, Saturn, which indicates career, is in a strong position and is placed in the 6th house (grants win over enemies) to her Moon sign Taurus.

Moreover, the planet Saturn, lord of the 9th house signifying premier and the 10th house signifying power is exalted in 6th house. The 6th house placement of the 10th house (shows career) signifies that she will be a tireless worker. Saturn’s influence will also make her reach new heights in future.

I got my doubts cleared from AstroVed astrologers. Now, you can also clear your doubts or concerns in less than 5 minutes through the Instant Insight service also known as Prasna astrology service from AstroVed. With the Instant Insight service from AstroVed, you can experience the satisfaction of receiving your answer immediately, as the Astrologer begins to evaluate your question at a moment’s notice. Based on the time of your asking the question, experienced Vedic Astrologer will study all the planetary indicators and answer your question in near real time.

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Kala Bhairava | Importance of Time Management | Kala Bhairava Homa | 8th Waning Moon

Kala Bhairava, Importance of Time Management, Managing Time Effectively, Manage Time Effectively, Managing Time, Time Management, Effective Time Management, Importance Time Management, Kala Bhairava Ashtami 2011, Kala Bhairava Ashtami

Importance of Time Management

“Time and tide waits for no man”

Time is precious and the above mentioned proverb highlights it. The essence of time management lies in scheduling, organizing and arranging the available time in the right manner. But are you able to manage your time well? Are you finding it difficult to meet your deadlines?

Time management is an art of managing your time effectively by applying a certain set of principles, skills and methods. It is being practiced and implemented by people in different walks of life like business people, professionals, researchers, teachers, and scholars to achieve optimum results.

How to Manage Time Effectively?

As time is a resource which cannot be preserved and used later. So it is crucial to understand the methods to manage time effectively. Some of the time management methods are:

Set your priorities: Setting your priorities or prioritizing a day’s or week’s work will help you to watch your time in a better manner. The most important works can be given priority and the less important work can be postponed to the end of the day or week. So, prioritize your work!

Plan your time wisely: Understand that there is only 24 hours in a day! And you cannot wish for more in this regard. It is wise for you to plan in advance wisely to carry out things as quickly as possible. This practice will allow you to do more activities in a day or a week. So, plan your time wisely!

Avoid distractions: It is the key for a smooth day at your personal or professional life. The more you get distracted, the more time you waste. Concentrate and concentrate more has to be the agenda to overcome distractions.

Gain inner peace: detached mind set can take over your plans for the whole day. Here, you need to be patient to find out the reasons for the lack of inner peace.  Think of a few rewarding activities that you would like to do, if you get some spare time. This will inspire you to manage your time in an efficient manner.

Kala Bhairava HomaA Vedic Ritual for Time Management Techniques

Every moment of your life has got hidden secrets in store and there is a master who holds the key to it. He is the Kala Bhairava—the one who controls your time schedules. On worshipping Kala Bhairava, you will be gifted with the art of time management. This powerful Homa will infuse in you, the staunch positive vibrations that increase your productivity; it will also guide you towards the path of success.

Kala Bhairava Homa & the Deity

Lord Kala Bhairava, the manifestation of Lord Shiva is the chief deity of this powerful Homa. He is twirled with serpents all around his body and his divine vehicle is the dog. On pleasing this deity, you will be powered with the habit of punctuality. He will relieve you from debts; pave way for abundant income and improve your financial status among the society.

Divine technique is the most effective medium that bridges the gap between life and God. When you access the right technique for the right reason, you will successfully travel through the journey of life. On performing the Kala Bhairava Homa, you will be blessed with the capacity to work ahead of your time schedules. Time is money and the time saved is priceless. 

8th Waning Moon is a powerful time to offer prayers to Kala Bhairava. Participate in rituals to Lord Kala Bhairava.

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