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Health Astrology | Health Horoscope | Health and Astrology | Get Rid of Health Problems

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Health Astrology – Get Rid of Health Problems

“Prevention is better than cure” You know that health is our most vital investment and our major asset. The significance of health and wellness has undoubtedly come to the forefront, as each person in the world came across some kind of body issues, not necessarily, if it’s a life-threatening issue, but everything counts. The only thing that counts is, how to deal with these health ailments?

Well, Vedic Astrology can be a great helping hand for your concern. Astrology is the study of celestial bodies in relation with the human being. Hence, it can study the stars to correctly interpret the reasons behind our health issues and ailments. Moreover, it also identifies the ways to deal with these health ailments. So get rid of health problems with Health Astrology!

Astrology for Health

Astrology may not be a substitute for proper medical advice and treatment but, it has the power to understand the celestial forces which are influencing the health of an individual. It can provide you with effective Vedic rituals and remedies, which will negate your ill effects.

With the help of Health Astrology, Vedic astrologers can successfully trace out the cosmic influences which determine one’s health and will also helps in identifying the planetary positioning of Mars & Saturn and influences of various Houses.

Relation of Health with Various Houses

  • 1st House: General well being of a person
  • 5th House: Helps to overcome the health complications
  • 6th House: Gives indication about the nature of diseases of the native
  • 8st House: Determines the loss of an organ due to disease or health issues
  • 11th House: Helps to get recovery from physical disorders
  • 12th House: Determines the factors for hospitalization or the analysis of defect in one’s physique
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Health | How to Remain Healthy | Importance of Health Insurance | Healthy

Health, How to Remain Healthy, Importance of Health Insurance, Health Insurance

Health | How to Remain Healthy | Importance of Health Insurance | Healthy

Health | How to Remain Healthy | Importance of Health Insurance | Healthy

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Importance of Health Insurance

Health is wealth, but what if the health itself takes away all your wealth? The answer to this question is health insurance. Health insurance is something that people do not think about frequently, but it is something which comes to mind when one of your loved ones is sick. Health Insurance coverage and the policies offered by different corporate vary across the world, even across the different states of a nation. This article is an attempt to figure out the need and importance of a health insurance cover.

Health insurance is a special type of insurance which ensures the expenses incurred when a person covered under the insurance policy is sick. In this, the insurer pays the medical costs of the insured if the insured becomes sick due to covered causes, or due to accidents irrespective of the fact that an insurer is a private or a Government organization. Health Insurance can protect a family from financial crisis in case of critical illness.

Why Health Insurance?

The health expenses are increasing day-by-day because of the emergence of advanced technologies in health care. The longevity of people is high when compared to the previous years. So, there are more senior citizens in the country than ever, who need more medical care than the younger population. This is also a reason for an increase in price of health insurance.

A person will be given health insurance after providing health information and a personal medical history. This history includes queries related to smoking habits, weight, use of drug, and existing diseases history. Most of the times, heath insurance providers will not insure persons with existing illnesses and disorders.

The main advantages of taking a health insurance policy are:

  • The health insurance will come handy when you are suffering from a critical disease
  • It clears up the uncertainties related to the medical expenses in case of causality
  • It helps you and your loved ones to get timely and better medical care
  • Your medical costs becomes affordable with a back plan called health insurance
  • It allows you to go for a yearly or monthly health check up without worrying much about the mammoth medical care expenses

In short, the need for a health insurance may seem momentous in troubled times than your life insurance cover.


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Mrityunjaya Homam for Good Health and Longevity| Maha Mrityunjaya Homam| Maha Mrityunjaya Homa, Yagna, Havan

Mrityunjaya Homa, Maha Mrityunjaya, Mahamritunjay Mantra, Mahamrityunjaya, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Maha Mrityunjaya Homa

Health is an essential criterion in achieving success and almost every individual yearns for good health and longevity. Although we can see a few fortunate individuals who lead a disease free and healthy life; the majority suffers from ill health and they often undergo a great deal of agony.

How to Attain Good Health & Longevity

“He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.”  Accordingly, a person who is blessed with good health has abundant confidence and this confidence helps the individual to carry out his duties and responsibilities with superior efficiency.

This is where the question of How to attain good health and longevity arises and Vedic Astrology comes out with some Vedic techniques. One such technique which helps you to attain good health and longevity is Mrityunjaya Homa.

Mrityunjaya Homa is performed to achieve victory over death (Mrithyu: death). Mrityunjaya homa safeguards you from all dangers and ensures your longevity and is performed to appease Lord Shiva, the powerful celestial being who decides the life span of individuals on earth. Lord Shiva immunizes his devotees from all illnesses and dangers and helps them to attain good health and longevity.

Mrityunjaya homa protects you against all dangers and evil spirits. It blesses you with long life, robust health and embeds the seeds of positivity and courage in you. It will act as a cure to all incurable illnesses. Moreover, Mrityunjaya homa helps to overcome almost all the ill effects of your enemies.

Perform Mrityunjaya Homa to Attain Good Health & Longevity!

More Personalized Reports for You

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World Tb Day| World Tb Day 2011| Tuberculosis | What is TB

World TB Day 2011

World TB day – March 24th

World TB day is celebrated on March 24th every year. This day commemorates the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) by Dr. Robert Koch in 1882. This day is an opportunity to correspond about TB- associated problems and solutions and to support worldwide TB-control efforts. It throws light on the need of committed efforts to eliminating TB from the world.

The theme for World TB Day 2011 in the United States is “TB elimination: Together We Can!” It identifies the goal of TB elimination by working together. The world’s progress of controlling TB will only be sustainable with a united endeavor.

How you can contribute on World TB Day?

The collective efforts taken by each citizen will prevent this disease forever. Some of the ways to become a part of World TB day are:

  • Become a Partner in TB eradication campaigns
  • Search for services provided for TB in your area
  • Know more about the disease and continue your efforts
  • Educate the local communities in eliminating TB

Measures to prevent TB

Local health centers and hospitals can initiate the educational and awareness activities related to World TB Day. Involving yourself in these activities will boost the public awareness. Some of the preventive measures on this World TB Day are:

  • Keep hands clean. Wash them often with an antibacterial soap to kill germs
  • Encourage people to wear a mask when suffering from prolonged cough
  • Have a skin test for TB or an x – ray of the chest for detecting TB every year
  • Do not stand near to those people who are coughing continuously
  • Breathe pure and fresh air and have a nutritious diet containing vitamins, minerals etc to stay healthy
  • Do not spit in public places and educate people about the health hazards involved in doing the same
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Tips for Good Health| Good Health | Good Health Tips| Long Life

Tips for Good Health


Consider yourself approaching a health expert to know the tips for good health. You would be confused and tensed at the end of the day, to realize that it is a never ending challenge to stay healthy! Don’t worry; here are some simple and easy-to-follow tips for good health and to stay healthy for a lifetime. Read on………….


The first and foremost in tips for good health, is diet. Safe diet is crucial to lead a healthy life. Including vegetables and fruits in the regular diet will reduce the effect of excess carbohydrates. Munch a handful of nuts every day to regulate the metabolic and chemical activities in your body. Nutrients in vegetables will provide a great source of energy; this will make you happy and will promote mental and physical health.


One of the most important tips for good health is drinking pure water. It will aid you to create a balance in your bodily activities. You feel half-full, if you drink a glass of water before taking the food. This practice will restrict the excess food intake. Drinking lot of water will also prevent dehydration.


There are many health benefits for walking. Walking for at least 30 minutes in a day will be a work out for the whole body.

Maintain Hygiene: Wash hands before and after taking meals. Clean them with a hand sanitizer or soap.

Sleep Well: Six to seven hours of sleep is recommended for a healthy life.

Maintain Good Relationship:

Last, but not the least in tips for good health is to maintain good relationship with your loved ones and people around. Healthy relationships are the key to happiness and one of the most unique tips for good health.

Meditation and praying to God will help out to lead a healthy life. Vedic remedies and special rituals are also beneficial to get rid of the ailments and to be healthy. There is a ritual called Dhanvantri Homam to attain good health.

Dhanvantri Homam protects you from all health ailments. This powerful Homam will be a remedy to all your illnesses. If health ailments are worrying you, then this Homam is the spiritual therapy to cure it! This is performed to Lord Dhanvantri, the Divine Physician who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Let this divine Homam nourish you with robust and good health and long life!

Bless me with Good Health & Long Life!

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How to live long| Live Long | Longevity| Youngevity |Anti Aging


The advancement in technology in the field of medicine has increased the longevity of people. However, the rate of lifestyle diseases and epidemics has also increased. Being aware of the health conditions can help you to live long. The key is to know preventive methods which will help you to answer your questions on how to live long.

Some of the secrets on how to live long are explained below:

  • Avoid Smoking, Smoking is dangerous and it might lead to premature death.
  • Protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays; at the same time have a little exposure to sunlight to get Vitamin D which is necessary for health.
  • Drinking lot of water will protect you from minor health problems and will wash out the impurities from your body.
  • Consuming antioxidants is very healthy. It can be obtained from the routine diet. It is proved that taking a cup of green tea five times a day will decrease the possibility of cancer.
  • Dark chocolates will benefit your body from many health diseases and will benefit the functioning of arteries.
  • Using Red wine is a good old method of staying healthy and to live long. Red wine, would be the answer if you ask “How to live long” to Jeanne Calment, who is the oldest woman lived in the world. Red wine is rich in polyphenols, it maintains the elasticity of walls of arteries. It slows down the process of aging.
  • Reduce stress by doing meditation or Yoga. Regular exercise will unfold the secrets of how to live long.
  • Understand that health is wealth. Pay attention to undergo regular health check up. Maintaining good oral health is also important; it will prevent the swelling of arteries.
  • Education is proved to be a great method to prevent aging. More exposure to academics is believed to slow down the aging and will help you to live long.
  • Use your mind and be thoughtful. Exploring the creative side of your brain and making use of your mind will bless you with longevity.

Maintaining a frugal food intake and keeping your body and mind active will benefit you to live long. Use your brain and plan a fasting routine for at least twice in a month. Take life positively and devote yourself to God. Offering special rituals will have special divine advantages. One of the most trusted rituals performed for longevity is Mrithyunjaya Homam.

Mrithyunjaya Homam is one of the auspicious rituals performed to obtain good health and postponing the death (Mrithyu: death). This powerful Homam safeguards you from all obstacles and ensures your longevity. It plants the seeds of positivity and courage in you. It will act as a cure to all incurable illnesses.

Mrithyunjaya Homam is performed to Lord Shiva. The ritual involves the chanting of 21 mantras, and each of these mantras energizes you with strength and will power. After the chanting of mantras, Darba Grass and an herb called Amrita are put into the sacrificial fire. It is an ideal Homam to be performed on your birthday to gain longevity!

Perform Mrithyunjaya Homam to live long and to attain longevity!

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How to Get Rid of Evil Eye ?

Get Rid Evil Eye, Get Rid of Evil Eye, Get Rid Spell, How to Get Rid of Evil Eye, Jewelry Evil Eye, Protect From Evil Eye, The Evil Eye, The Evil Eye Curse

Get Rid of Evil Eye

Did you feel that you have got evil eye at any point of time in life? It can be a nasty look by someone which creates a real bad feeling on mind that you are going to experience something serious. It makes you insecure and upset; the worst thoughts start budding in you. You feel hurt and start thinking, how to get rid of evil eye.

Evil eye is treated as a curse or a bad feeling. There are different types of remedies suggested in different cultures on how to get rid of evil eye. Here are a few methods which have been used traditionally to get rid of evil eye.

  • Take one or two dried red chilies and burn it. The intensity of the smell shows the seriousness of the evil eye. This process is believed to burn the evil eye
  • Sprinkle salt into a paper or tissue and move it over your body and say a prayer. The same can be done by holding an egg in your hand. Then spit on it; this will remove the evil eye
  • Wearing a black dot or beauty spot will help you to get rid of evil eye
  • A Jewish method of dissipating evil eye is to wear a jewelry which has a fish symbol on it
  • Romans believe that to carry something of the shape of a horn will protect you from evil eye. The horn shape will attract the attention and you will be free of evil eye
  • Doing rituals with smoke or burning herbs will destroy the curse. It will emit the negative energies in your surroundings and protects you from evil eye
  • Prayer is a powerful medium to get rid of the bad eye and curse. It can be done by a religious person or an elder family member

One of the effective methods to get rid of evil eye is to perform Pratyangira Homa. This Homa is performed to Pratyangira Devitoget rid of evil eyeand to Overcome Negative Energy. Doing this homa will clear the obstacles present in your way to happiness, peace and success that are the most precious and divine gifts of your life.

Goddess Pratyangira Devi emerged out of the 3rd eye of Lord Shiva to pacify Lord Narasimha, after he killed the demon king Hiranyakashipu. Her divine power will help you to remove negative marks and evil eye. Her aggressiveness will discharge you from the evil power of enemies and to get rid of evil eyes.

You can also offer your prayers to Pratyangira Yantra to get rid of evil Eye, which is much more affordable.


Perform Goddess Pratyangira Devi Homa to get rid of the evil eye and to be blessed with the drive to win the challenges of life!



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