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Mercedes Benz in 2014 | 10 New Cars | Mercedes Benz | Mid – Range Cars

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Mercedes Benz to Mid-Range Car Segment

The German Luxury car maker, Mercedes-Benz is geared up to enter the mid-range segment of cars in India, pricing it below their C class variants. Their main initiative behind this decision is to bring down the expenditure of owning a Mercedes – Benz to as low as 15-lakh rupees, for those who cannot afford to spend 30 – 90 Lakhs for a first-class car.

Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz in 2014 Mercedes-Benz-SLR-McLaren-2 nissan-mercedes-benz-cls-cars-hd-358326

Mercedes Benz are also aiming to make the maximum of the growing middle class segment by launching their mid range segment cars within 2-3 years in India, which will be completely knockdown units to be assembled in the company’s existing facility at Chakan, Pune.

Mercedes Benz in 2013 have shown a sharp growth in their car sales and they are also quite positive about their new venture, which will help them to reach the larger market of India and to increase their car sales in India.

In 2014, Mercedes Benz is planning to roll out 10 new cars. Currently around 85% of the Mercedes Benz vehicles sold in the Indian market are made in India and this share is likely to go up as the company completes work on expanding its plant.

However, will the new cars and the mid-range segment of cars boost the profits and sales of Mercedes Benz in India? I inquired about it to an expert Vedic astrologer and he analyzed the Prasna Chart to solve the concern.

As per the Prasna, Aries and Taurus, the four legged signs are occupied by the Lords Jupiter and Ketu respectively, while the multi-legged signs Cancer and Scorpio are occupied by Lord Mars and Lord Rahu. These planetary positions are indicating that stiff completion is on the cards for Mercedes Benz in the mid range car segment.

However, the Prasna chart is also hinting that Mercedes Benz will get successful in India due to their brand name in the mid range car segment as Scorpio, the Ascendant sign, is occupied by an exalted planet Rahu (Yoga Karakan).

So, According to the Vedic expert, the luxury German car maker, Mercedes Benz will be able to achieve their hopes up to a certain level, if not completely in 2014.

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TNSTC E-Ticketing facility | TNSTC Online Bus Ticketing | TNSTC | E-Ticketing

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E-Ticketing Facility for ST Bus Services

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa launched the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility, which will be a big boon for the commuters, who will be aiming to go to their native places during weekends or on festivals and vacations.

With the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility, an individual can book the tickets 30 days in advance of the journey date by using their credit or debit cards and through net banking also. The main advantage of the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility is that one can choose the desired seat for the journey.

As per officials, the number of reservation centers that are functioning in Tamil Nadu and the neighboring States will soon go up from 50 to 300. But will this move of TNSTC E-Ticketing facility see success?

We tried to get the concern solved by contacting the astrologers at AstroVed. Com, who analyzed the Prasna Chart to answer the question raised.

As per the Vedic experts, the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility is denoted by Lord Mercury and the Tamil Nadu state bus services are indicated by Lord Venus. Lord Sun signifies the Government officials while Lord Saturn is represented by the general public. All the above mentioned planets are associated in the exalted sign of Lord Mercury, which is clearly indicating that the TNSTC E-Ticketing facility will be successful.

I got my doubts cleared from AstroVed astrologers. Now, you can also clear your doubts or concerns in less than 5 minutes through the Instant Insight service also known as Prasna astrology service from AstroVed. With the Instant Insight service from AstroVed, you can experience the satisfaction of receiving your answer immediately, as the Astrologer begins to evaluate your question at a moment’s notice. Based on the time of your asking the question, experienced Vedic Astrologer will study all the planetary indicators and answer your question in near real time.

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Tata Pixel Price, Tata Pixel, Tata Price

Tata Pixel Price, Tata Pixel, Tata Price, Tata Car, Tata Cars

Tata Pixel


Tata Pixel – Tata’s New City Car for Europe

Tata motors have unveiled the all new Tata Pixel, a car for the urban markets which the automaker hopes to conquer the European market. This was exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show. The Pixel, which is based on the revolutionary Nano, is a four seater and is just a little over three meters long. People can slip inside the car by way of huge gull-wing doors.

Tata Pixel

The Pixel is expected to offer maximum amount of space, features the My Tata Connect infotainment system that can be controlled with a smart phone. The specifications of the Pixel include a 1.2-litre turbo diesel engine and low rolling resistance tires. It features start/stop technology. With all these elements combined the car burns an estimated 3.4 L / 100 km and emits only 89 g of CO2 per km.
This model is equipped with a fairly complex-sounding system, the Turn Toroidal Traction-Drive Infinitely Variable Transmission, or IVT for short. It permits the rear wheels to pivot in diverse directions, serving the driver to settle tight spaces and Parallel Park at the drop of a hat.
Tata Pixel: The Efficient Four-Seater

The Tata Pixel is perceived as a traditional concept car. The company is going to launch the European version of the Nano next year. What with the scissor doors and fancy infotainment system inside the Pixel, it already seems a world away from the Indian version of the Nano.

Tata Pixel interior

Tata Motors have said they planned to present the pint-size Nano micro car to Europe at the initial stage. But Tata seems to have shifted gears, with a sexier city-car concept based on the Nano, called Tata Pixel.

Tata claims the Pixel, which measures just 10 feet long, is “the most package-efficient four-seater in the world.” It’s also one of the most fuel-efficient, with a tiny, rear-mounted 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo diesel engine that provides fuel economy of nearly 70 mpg, plus ultra-low CO2 emissions.

Attractive features such as scissors-style doors and a compact turning radius of only 8.5 feet should appeal to urban dwellers trying to maneuver in tight spaces. There’s even a provision to accommodate an iPad or other tablet that turns your device into a customizable touch screen display for infotainment and vehicle functions.


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Fz | Fz 16 |fz mileage | Fz Yamaha|FZ S | Fz Images

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Check out the snaps of Yamaha FZ in this gallery.


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Honda cbr 250r Price | Cbr 250r India, Review, Mileage, Launch

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Honda has released the CBR250R stateside and this lightweight sport bike will bring the attractive styling of the entry-level sport bike rider, all with a reasonable price around 1, 40,000 rupees.

The new 2011 Honda CBR250R is explicitly aimed at new riders which is packed full of high-tech features and it also offers great performance. Moreover, it is available in a lightweight, affordable package. This new model is expanding another segment of the market for Honda buyers.”

The Honda CBR250 R features an efficient 249cc liquid-cooled single engine that features completely a new design with sophisticated four-valve DOHC cylinder head, fuel injection and engine counter balancer.

On the handling side, the light weight Honda CBR250R features a diamond twin-spar steel frame plus a 37mm front fork and Pro-Link single-shock rear suspension, which provides impressive handling and a comfortable riding position.

The Honda CBR 250 R will also be available with ABS. The colors available are Metallic Black and Red Silver. Honda is expecting the bikes on the showroom floors in around Mar – May 2011. The mileage of CBR 250 is around 30 – 35 Kmpl.

2011 Honda CBR250R | Features and Benefits

  • The sophisticated, all-new Honda 249.4cc single-cylinder engine is thoroughly modern in design thanks to its dual overhead camshafts driven by a Hy-Vo-type chain, forked roller rocker arms, four-valve head, shim-style valve adjustment, counter balancer shaft and liquid cooling.
  • The Honda CBR250R has a single-cylinder engine that produces a remarkably broad torque curve with peak torque generated at an easily accessible 7000 rpm.
  • Peak horsepower kicks in at 8500 rpm, well before the 10,500-rpm redline-further testimony to the wide spread of power.
  • Such power characteristics facilitate easy, responsive operation while also returning impressive fuel economy.
  • The crankshaft runs in plain bearings for quieter operation, and the big end of the connecting rod spins in a needle bearing.
  • Gear-driven counter balancer shaft helps quell engine vibrations for rider comfort. It’s located so close to the crankshaft that the balancer weight passes between the two crank weights to keep the engine as compact as possible while boosting mass centralization.
  • Engine countershaft sits lower than the main shaft to further reduce the front-to-back engine dimension.
  • Honda Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) continuously monitors several variables to ensure the correct fuel mixture for the existing riding and atmospheric conditions, thereby delivering optimal performance and remarkably crisp throttle response over a wide range of operating conditions, plus increased fuel economy.
  • PGM-FI system incorporates an Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) to minimize torque reaction and smooth responses to small changes in throttle position.
  • This is accomplished through gradual reductions of air and fuel intake when the throttle is opened and closed.
  • Its single-cylinder configuration, the CBR250R incorporates a light, compact and fuel-efficient power plant, resulting in an overall package that is remarkably compact and nimble for intuitive handling dynamics.
  • The six-speed transmission works in concert with the engine’s broad power delivery to produce quick acceleration plus admirable fuel economy during top-gear cruising.
  • Diamond twin-spar steel frame plus a 37mm front fork and Pro-Link single-shock rear suspension provide impressive handling and a comfortable ride.
  • ABS version available for enhanced braking characteristics.
  • Base weight of only 359 pounds gives the CBR250R outstanding manoeuvrability and helps instil rider confidence.
  • Stylish full fairing with windscreen deflects the oncoming wind to boost rider comfort.
  • Sporting ergonomics keep the rider perched in a well-balanced seating position to deliver a natural feel and comfortable stance even over daylong rides.
  • Full-sized 17-inch cast wheels return big-bike feel and handling traits.
  • Fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons gives the CBR250R a cruising range of more than 200 miles.
  • An external fuel filter maximizes fuel tank capacity while also easing fuel filter maintenance.
  • Grab rails on the tail section are designed to fit gloved hands, giving passengers a dedicated handhold while riding two-up.
  • A handy under seat storage area adds to the CBR250R’s versatility.
  • Multi-function digital instrument pod includes speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature display, fuel gauge, clock, odometer and trip meter.
  • Exciting Honda CBR250R colors: Metallic Black and Red/Silver.

2011 Honda CBR250R | Genuine Accessories

  • Seat Cowl
  • Carbon Fibre Tank Pad
  • Cycle Cover

2011 Honda CBR250R | Motorcycle Specs

Model: CBR250R / CBR250R ABS
Engine Type: 249.4cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke: 76mm x 55mm
Compression Ratio: 10.7:1
Valve Train: DOHC; four valves per cylinder
Induction: PGM-FI, 38mm throttle body
Ignition: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance
Transmission: Six-speed
Suspension: Front: 37mm fork
Rear: Pro-Link single shock with five positions of spring preload adjustability
Brakes: Front: Single 296mm disc
Rear: Single 220mm disc
Optional ABS
Tires: Front: 110/70-17 radial
Rear: 140/70-17 radial
Wheelbase: 53.9 inches
Rake (Caster angle): 25.0°
Trail: 95mm (3.74 inches)
Seat Height: 30.9 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
Color: Metallic Black, Red/Silver
Curb Weight*: 359 pounds / 368 pounds (ABS)

Get ready to rule the world!!!

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Toyota Etios | Etios | Etios Toyota | Etios Price

Here are some of the images of Toyoto Etios…..

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Yamaha SZR |Review | Yamaha |Commuter Bike | Yamaha SZ- X

Yamaha launched the new 153 cc commuter bike, Yamaha SZ- R, a modern and sporty version of SZ- X, which is equipped with front disc brakes, tachometer and tank protector which has been added to the fuel tank to make it even more larger.

Yamaha SZ – R is a stylish commuter bike that has been newly added to Yamaha SZ series bikes. This muscular bike is available in 3 variants – Quality Black, blue and red. It is mainly targeted at commuter customers with their sports oriented interests and is perfectly designed from Yamaha to meet the needs of speed lovers.

Yamaha has been aiming to capture the 150 cc segment with its stunning bikes like FZ- 16, SZ – X and now SZ-R, the sporty version of Yamaha SZ-X. This bike is aimed to deliver power with comfort as it sports the same engine from the FZ range. The engine of SZ- R generates the maximum power of 12 Bhp at 7500 rpm with maximum torque of 12.8 Nm at 4500 rpm and helps to provide more power and comfort. Furthermore, the shroud of SZ –R is an aerodynamic spoiler that extends out boldly and is given the same silver color as in the side covers. Yamaha SZ- R also features painted muffler end caps with special graphics, colored handled grip end bar and clear lens flasher to make it more stylish.

With the launch of SZ – R, Yamaha is all set to provide a chance to experience the true art of Engineering for Indian customers. This bike is comfortable, stylish and is well designed to be the best in the 150cc category. The mileage of this bike is expected to be around 55 kmpl. The ex showroom price of Yamaha SZ – R in Delhi is around 55,500 Rupees.

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